Evaluator chooses kurseval.com for course evaluations.


Please be advise that the service has changed name to Class Evaluator.

Evaluator (Evaluator Utvärderare i Samverkan) a leader within the Swedish evaluator field for large European funded projects have struck a deal for course evaluations for all clients operating courses funded by the European Union. To be enabled to keep a lean budget and follow up all course participation, Evaluator (Evaluator Utvärderare i Samverkan) needed a good tool that would survey the feedback within the course attendance.

"Kurseval.com has taken a grip on the market and was a viable solution already when it was introduced. We feel that even it is simplified it still holds our needs with over 30 different classes." - Martin Persson, CEO Evaluator (Evaluator Utvärderare i Samverkan).

Kurseval with its automatic reminders free up time for the Evaluator team so that they can focus on interpreting the result instead of managing the deployment of the questionnaires. With Kurseval the saved time and budget compared to have a person doing the course evaluation manually makes us more efficient for both our customers and our own internal structure. Therefore we can be a competent competitor on the market and make sure that we have an even more sustainable future.


What parts of Kurseval do you like the most? 

Automatic Schedule reminders: - We like that the system will automatically schedule the reminders when scheduling the initial invitation. Before we had to mark in our calendar and make sure we generated a send out at exactly the time manually and that took some additional planning. A planning that we do not need to do to the same extent anymore.

Educational templates: - Also, the new course templates are fabulous, the way we can have different templates depending on the type of education, helps a lot on the administration.

What would you say to educational businesses that still do none or use pen and paper to get their feedback from participants?

- In the end, you are eighter using capital or employees time, wasting these resources needs to be stopped.

Does Kurseval look interesting?

Schedule a demo meeting and see what Kurseval and course evaluations can help your business to know more about your attendance.

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